A Patriot is defined as, someone who vigorously supports their country and who will defend it from its enemies or detractors. We are the Canadian Brotherhood of Patriots Motorcycle Riding Club. We are proud to be Canadian. The CBOP MRC is a Canadian, family-oriented riding club made up of hard working, employed motorcycle fanatics that want to belong to a club and share the companionship and comradery that club life brings.


CBOP is a non-territorial Club; respecting all other Clubs and Colours. The Club does not seek conflict with, or interferes with other Club’s operations, nor do we have any affiliation with 1% Clubs. We respect all individuals’ rights, freedoms and expect the same of ours. We welcome comradeship with like-minded Clubs who take pleasure in riding motorcycles. New friendships create opportunities for business, travel and social networking throughout the world.